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Disingenuity cost

disingenuity:  noun; dis·ingenuity; \dəs, (¦)dis+\
disingenuous state, behavior, or act

This is my new favorite saying.  “Disingenuity cost”.  It came up today when a colleague and I were discussing personalization in email marketing (I’m sure it applies to other things, I just can’think of any right now).  We’ve all gotten that email that starts off with “Hi Brad” and thought, “You don’t know me…“.  Some of us have probably sent that email.

It seems reasonable to assume that personalization is a good thing – better to establish trust, get the conversation going.  The problem is – disingenuity.  It’s good if you actually know somebody, but completely disingenuous if you fake it.

My colleague had gotten an email from his bank about “historically low interest rates!”.  The “personalized” email even addressed him by name.  The problem was, the opportunity didn’t apply to him.  The bank knew his name, but not the details of his loan.  Disingenuity cost.

Never use personalization simply because you can. It’s kind of disingenuous to go out of your way to prove to me that you don’t know me by pretending that you do.

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