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Welcome to Intelligent Product Design

This should be an interesting  journey.  I find myself in the unique position of re-joining a development team on a product that I helped create nearly 10 years ago.  The product has come a long way since I left the original team about 5 years ago.  The original company has been acquired twice since I left and now enjoys some very substantial and significant corporate support.  This blog is intended to chronicle my experiences as the new Product Manager and Agile Scrum Product Owner.

The company is newly dedicated to Agile and Scrum, but my intentions are to also apply Lean methodologies and other related techniques such as Customer Development, Minimal Viable Product, and the Build-Measure-Learn cycle as described by Eric Ries, Steven Blank, and others.  Paraphrasing from “The Innovators Dilemma” by Clyton Christensen:

  • Corporations are very good at creating incremental improvements to existing products and serving existing customers – sustained innovation – but struggle to create breakthrough new products – disruptive innovation – that can create new sustainable sources of growth.

So, hopefully I can get some comments and  lively conversation here as we attempt to break the stereotypical corporate development cycle and inject some real Entrepreneurial spirit into this effort!

-Brad Reeves

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